More than a Life Coach: “Where there is a seed, there is potential for growth…”

Little by little since the New Year, I have been ensuring that I keep my coaching business path in plain view at all costs and maintain my positive focus on completing my qualification before the end of Summer. During this time, I have been gaining insight and seeking valuable information from experienced coaches as well as people interested in my services, to help prepare myself for what is to come when I am ready to finally face the world with that certificate in my hand and say: “This is what I do…”

But what is it, exactly, that I do to make a difference? To get you value for money? To challenge your beliefs and question your situation? To help guide you forwards? To provide an experience to change your life?

This is something which needs to be addressed where the title, “Life Coach” currently sits to help you know the difference between what Life Coaching is and how you envision Life Coaching yourself

I was given advice in a mentoring session which inspired me to come up with something more creative and fitting to my own professional and unique way of delivering this widely recognized service- each coach is unique and therefore will each have their own way of portraying the title “Life Coach”.

So let me tell you, HOW I do work…

Here is my seed to grow something which will project my vision of practice. This is my opportunity to use words that describe exactly what I do- rather than what a coach does. This way, maybe I will describe exactly what people need in order for them to take positive steps towards freedom and happiness- and who doesn’t want that?

I want to be there as a guide, a nurturer, a sister, whoever you need to inspire your pathway towards fulfilling your potential of freedom and true happiness for yourself and your family. I work by using your energy, finding your seed- for where there is a seed, there is a potential for growth. That seed will be your motivation, your passion, your ambition. Given the right conditions a seed will grow into as great a tree as you believe it can be. Those conditions are:

  • Good Earth- grounding and foundation building, assessing the current environment.
  • Flowing Water- delivering the Earth’s good minerals to the seed, consistent flow of conversation, ideas and moving you forwards with every wave of inspiration.
  • Fire of the Sun- igniting motivation, growing towards energizing light and burning the fuel keeping you going and lighting your way along your path.
  • Inspiring Air – inhale and embrace your achievements, created by your magnificent tree, you will have all the air you need, inspired by your journey to live your free and fulfilling life with true happiness 🙂

THIS is how I will provide a positive “Personal Growth Guidance” for you! And, together, we will nurture your potential!

 If this sounds like something which could bridge your gap between feeling fed-up with trying to make things work and actually feeling like your ambitions are closer then please get in touch with me and we can have a friendly chat about how we can best work together to get things moving the way you want them to.

Thank you for reading and I hope we get to meet some day 🙂

Peace & Joy,

Heather J x



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