All About Balance

When we get ambitious enthusiasm for goal-setting and choosing a path to venture, we can often get very overly focused on the future. We may even get very down and feel  inadequate or disappointed in ourselves if we don’t actually achieve our goals when we expect to.

This is where I, as your coach, can help…

I can help you keep your head in balance as you set-out on your life-changing journey. While it is important to challenge yourself and pursue ambitions, there are 3 concepts I like to introduce to clients while planning their pathway towards achieving true happiness…

  • The Yin & Yang Theory

I have always been inspired by and had so much faith in Eastern philosophy. I found that, after researching Buddhism, the road to true happiness can only begin once we can be happy in this moment- the present. To me, this makes complete sense, as I’m aware that we need to be in some form of positive mind frame in order to have enough motivation to pursue goals (which will lead me onto my second concept). 

For those who as not aware, Yin & Yang is an ancient Chinese symbol used to represent the life balance of this existence- in short. The theory is based on the concept that every positive needs a negative, darkness needs light, fire needs water etc. in order to be fully functioning (or reach awakening) in this life. This is often why it is said that “opposites attract” in relationships and people who are too similar tend to clash.

There needs to be opposing elements within the whole in order for true harmony to occur, as the opposing elements actually compliment each other.

-It’s our differences complete us as a whole and keep the wheel turning.

  • Being content in the Present.

I don’t want to sound to overly cliché when I introduce this, but it really is about that Positive Mental Attitude. Being content with the present and believing this is the right time make positive changes in your life is an essential thought to carry with you from the beginning. The Buddhist quote on my home page states:

“He who is able, thinks he is able”.

Such a short, yet powerful statement which sums up this concept entirely. To achieve anything, you first have to think you can. I will think you can. But it will workout so much better if we both do, right?

Believe this is the right time to take steps. Not when you get that new job, not once you move to that place, not after this or that- now! Each step is a step forward and closer to your ambition.

  • Reality & Fantasy

Dreams only become reality once we know how to face the reality of now. This concept also explores the value of your own mental health during the planning and journey towards your big goal. Reality will be discussed in depth during our sessions to ensure you are planning to achieve something you are prepared for. Coaching provides a structure which delivers key tools, which, if used effectively, can ensure your goals will be achievable. Having realistic goals will eliminate all negative feelings and attitudes towards ourselves that come about when we haven’t achieved something amazing.

If you have ever felt disappointed or inadequate, it’s probably because what you wished to achieve was too unrealistic and you were unprepared…

As mentioned in the previous point, we need to be thinking positive, have contentedness working from the present, therefore be already in a good place before making plans to take steps forward. If we have negative emotions in the way, these will need to be worked with by you initially in order to clear your path and keep the balance right.

We need to be happy within ourselves in the present as well as being happy and excited about achieving our goals in the future. Remember to keep this balance and we will keep a healthy mind throughout the journey. 

-Happiness is key!