All About Me


I’m Heather and thank you for taking an interest in my mission to help people find and value their own potential as much as I do by guiding them with the wonderful assistance of life coaching…

I’m a trainee coach as well as a busy first time Mother, based in rural Sheffield, where my coaching journey began. I am passionate about helping others, especially those of you with young families or new parents aiming to get back into the flow whilst finding ways to make the most of their time with their children. The whole experience of early motherhood for me has been a gift to help others rediscover their potential and carry on achieving magnificent things with their family.

If I can achieve something this great as a rookie mama, so can you!



I feel blessed that I was driven to coaching, halfway through my counseling studies, at a time I was subconsciously lost in the concrete jungle of Manchester, UK. From my first experience of the excellent training facilities- provided by The Coaching Academy- I knew this was the right path for me to take my positive enthusiasm for helping others.

My background interest is in a variety of studies- in counseling and health/fitness. I never finalized my degree, however, I feel the experience I gained from the studying has helped me learn so much about people, relationships and our tendencies as as a species. This, along with my more recent interest in Buddhist philosophy, helps me with my coaching clients in helping establish true happiness within our own unique worlds.



After a break in my training (with The Coaching Academy) and embracing the life-changing experience of becoming a mother, I am more motivated than ever to give back by thriving in this fulfilling lifestyle while bringing an income into our family home in rural North East Derbyshire.


Me & my little mascot, Jesse

I am a free spirit, doing what I can to bring more happiness into this life we are all experiencing. Life is too short for hesitation. Do what you love and find true happiness now! Gain all you can from this existence- open your eyes and your heart to positive, meaningful experiences for you and your family…

That’s me.