Personal Growth Guidance


Guidance Through Seasonal Balance

Inspired by the more recognized, DISC personality profiling system,  I work around the more natural aspects of our Seasons to help guide your personal growth journey and self-understanding. My experience in handling emotions and developing emotional intelligence allows me to use the images of our Seasons to better understand your own unique ways and instinctual tendencies to enhance our work together. I also use the Seasonal Balance as a Life Coaching tool to guide your path towards your ambitions. 

Please feel free to contact me with any queries regarding these sessions (including prices) as a stand-alone service and together we can help you identify your own unique Seasonal Balance.

Heather Judd Life Coaching with no background

Guidance Through Life Coaching

I am currently still training to professionalize myself completely with this service, so please contact me regarding my current exclusive opportunity (where, currently, all costs are covered). Check out my All About Life Coaching page for more information and if you still have questions, I am all ears! 


35363353_547936575602361_6451277054548639744_nGuidance Through Words

I have been a keen poet and creative writer since I was at school and, just before my journey of Motherhood began in 2018, I have recently published my first poetry collection. I have also studied counselling and therapy, gaining an in-depth understanding of human emotions, behaviours and the way in which we heal by release. I have been healing myself through words for many words and can certainly vouch for it’s healing effects on our mind.


I want to offer a unique and personal service where my writing skills can be put to good use, therefore I am pleased to now offer Guidance Through Words as a unique, creative service allowing yourself or a loved one a healing gift with the power of written art. Writing is a form of emotional release. Perhaps we can’t always express how we feel, talk to the right person or afford a therapist. Human beings have the amazing ability to heal ourselves– it’s just finding your own way of shedding negativity and welcoming positive warmth and love into your life in difficult times. If you feel that your way could be through writing, take a look at what I can offer your for a very reasonable price as I help you to heal yourself… 

I can write for you: Motivational & Positive Personal Affirmations, Letters, Poetry, Descriptive Pieces & Short Stories- perhaps to express feelings of love, loss, frustration…

If you need something personal and sensitive in writing, either for yourself or someone else, I can offer my guidance as we work together in this highly confidential service to create the message you need to release – or I can assist you in writing the words yourself.

How we work together with words…

  • Contact me, outlining the nature of what you wish to write (or want me to write for you.)
  • I will email you with various options to establish a reasonable quote for our working together (video call contact would be a higher charge than email contact for example).
  • If you want me to write everything myself, for your own personal reasons- although I encourage self-written pieces as the healing will be most effective- I would very much like to meet you for a video call to discuss the content of what you wish to have written so I can create something which deeply resonates with you and there will be a one-off charge for this service (see below for follow-up work rates). 
  • If you want to write a piece yourself,  send me a draft via email of what you wish to work with and we can either continue our contact via email or we can book a 1 hour online guidance call. This will involve an hourly charge, which also goes for amendments/ further work made to your piece. (As mentioned previously, email contact will be a lower rate than video call and will be charged per email).
  • When you are happy with your piece, this will be your personal gift to use and share as you please- I only wish that, if I have written the piece for you, that you are respectful and honest with the originality and copyright ownership rights.
I bring my Seasonal roots from the heart of The Lake District into our work together.